Important Tips For Hand Recovery

Our hands are our gates to feel, touch and hold important and beautiful things in life. You need your hands to work and to play that is why the wellness of your hand is a very serious matter. If you broke your hands in an accident, had a stroke or hurt it in any way, you must do serious therapy to recover its functionality. Efficient hand therapy or hand rehab can be a great chance to gain your life back. Following balanced and effective hand rehab tips can help you in the recovery process. There are some important facts you need to know about hand rehab such as:

  • What is hand rehab?

Hand rehab is the medical process of assessing the condition and healing of an injured or a broken hand and its parts e.g. arms, shoulders and wrists. This process aims at restoring the perfect performance of the hand.

  • Why is hand rehab important?

Hand rehab (not to be confused with drug rehab) can let you work efficiently again. It can also let you express your thoughts in accurate hand motions and expressions. Hand rehab will give another chance to have ultimate fun with your friends and family. It can help you regain physical interaction with your loved ones.

Useful Hand Rehab Tips

Whether you are seeing a therapist or following a therapeutic routine at home, you need to be aware of few important and useful tips for hand recovery such as:

  • Take It Easy:

A broken, seriously injured or an after stroke hand will not be able to move efficiently just because you are out of the hospital. Healing needs time. You can start by gradual and simple movements. Keep in mind that pain is ok at first. You must withstand the pain and focus on the recovery.

  • Keep Daily Exercise:

Daily exercises are very essential to the recovery process. You don’t need to go to a clinic to practice exercises. You can practice them at home. These exercises include thumb flexion, wrist pronation and wrist flexion.

  • Motivate Yourself:

Keep in your mind a visual image of your hands the way they used to be. This image will be a great encouragement for you to exercise more and enhance the performance.

  • Get Involved In Housework:

Aside from daily exercises you can regain your hand’s functionality through doing some housework.  You should consult with your therapist about the activities you want to do. You can try slight activities at first such as making sandwiches or polishing furniture. Check out this website for interesting results of this activities 🙂 These actions can gradually improve accuracy and the efficiency of your hands. Try to have fun and enjoy these activities, so it can boost your positive energy.

  • Reward Yourself:

You should look at your accomplishments and appreciate your effort. If you have reached your estimated goals and enhanced your hand performance, you should reward yourself. The determination of the reward should be up to you. The reward must be something you actually like, so you will be happy and more motivated.